Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pennies from Heaven

Folks from the BCD site have passionately talked about getting pennies from their dearly departed. I was hoping for signs of my own, anything to tell me that he was doing okay.

Then, a wonderful present from Bri! If you believe in that kind of thing. We do. We got a bunch of weird signs and coincidences, long story... one involving Stephen Colbert that even the skeptical Mark thought was way bizarre... I even had the adoption coordinator in tears at the Brian+Brad story.


Nothing and no one will ever replace Brian. I can't repeat this enough to insensitive folks who suggest that we did. It annoys me that they even think this, ugh. What should we do instead, sulk in self-pity for another couple of months or so? We already grieved while he was still with us; wish I hadn't so much. No thanks.

But Brad truly keeps us busy and distracted, no time to feel sorry for yourself if you have to care for a little one, guaranteed (Though my mom lets me know almost on a daily basis that she prefers a fur-less one).

I have yet to get Brian's urn for his cremains. We picked one that will have his photo laser-etched onto the wood. Real nice. I picked this snapshot where he had his head cocked to one side - that really makes us laugh. Someday I'll make a memorial to include his collars and locks of his beautiful, golden hair, that I clipped before he passed. Sara C. gave us a memorial frame, with a touching poem for furry loved ones lost. We also got a bunch of sympathy cards and memorabilia from friends and family. The thoughtfulness is well-appreciated!

Someday we'll be able to look at his photos and videos and smile at the good memories. Not now, but someday. :)

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